Volmer is a new aperitif from the Provence, created by the Belgian Annelies Lefere. Surprising, strong yet mellow, bitter-sweet, soft pink and light orange. You drink Volmer neat with ice or served in a cocktail with a tonic or sparkling wine. Especially for the holiday season, Volmer is now presented in a special gift box (including a cocktail book, vintage glasses). Taste your own mix at A Better Blend! 

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the 'volmer' recipe:

— mix 40% Volmer (5cl) & 60% Ginger Ale (7cl)
— 2 drops of lemon juice
— 2 drops of Angostura
— finish off with some ice cubes!

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volmer is beneficial for:

— tradition and authenticity
— inspired by an old recipe from the ‘50s by Madame Volmer in the Provence
— your fresh aperitif during the holidays! 

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