VIRIDANTES was founded by Guy Gillain and his wife Marina Zivieri and is the result of their passion for the Italian culture and lifestyle. They offer a range of products of outstanding quality. Each product has been selected, tested and approved with great care. Sometimes all you need to make a dish extraordinary is an Italian twist! 


the 'viridantes' recipe:

— carefully selected, premium ingredients
— a pinch of Sicilian elegance
— some finely chopped tradition & orgoglio
— a generous spoon of extraordinary flavors
— topped off with a great amount of craftsmanship! 


viridantes is beneficial For:

— finishing of your dishes with perfection
— filling your kitchen with Italian gusto
— maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a fun way
— unique sensory experience
— the Sicilian’s wealth of quality within hands reach (aka on your kitchen shelf!)


share this blend: 

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