QUUBO is a young startup by two brothers, Sebastian and Filip. During his holiday in Tel Aviv, Sebastian stopped at the window of this particular store. He got inspired by the creative OSB decorated interior, and gave him an idea. Back home, he presented his light box idea to his brother. Filip improved the design and the first Quubo box saw the light (pun intended)!


the 'quubo' recipe: 

— one cup of wood
— a spark of light
— a bunch of funny quotes
— finish of with customization!


quubo is beneficial for:

— lighting up your interior
— changing up the quotes on your wall as you like with a changeable front! 
— cozy nights at home
— your new bedroom night light


share this blend:

— Facebook : www.facebook.com/quubolightbox 
— Instagram : www.instagram.com/quubolightbox
— Website : www.quubo.com