Three lovely sisters like leaves on a clover, similar but not the same, have created a unique gin; exquisite like the morning dew, delicate like the clover flower – A great depth of flavor with a floral twist. Fresh notes of cardamom, infusions of coriander seeds and black pepper.
Balanced with clover, lavender and juniper berry.


THE 'clover gin' recipe :

— 5 cl clover gin
— 15 cl premium tonic water
— fresh coriander leaves
— a slice of ginger
— a few juniper berries
— icecubes
Spice it up with some lemon zest!


clover gin is beneficial for:

— get-togethers with friends and family
— making someone special happy
— setting the holiday mood
— turning a rainy day into sunshine
— your health (gin makes you skinnier!)



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