A Better Blend is organized by 2 architects with each their own brands. 
With A Better Blend these creative minds bring together a range of new and upcoming brands that complement and strengthen each other. 
This way they create a fresh and different shopping experience, rather than the chaotic assortment in stores during the holiday season. 





After graduating as a civil engineer-architect (KUL), Anouk relocates to Norway where she immerses herself in the typical Scandinavian designs and sophisticated interiors of the North.

In combination with her job as a Project Architect, she acquires a Master in Project Management and Entrepeneurship and teaches Sustainable Architecture at the University of Trondheim (NTNU).

Four years later, she returns to Belgium to establish her own brand ByANOUK : a design label covering a variety of subtle and graceful products characterized by pure contemporary design with a clever twist.





During her architectural studies in Antwerp, Sophie Peelman spent a big amount of her time expressing her creativity. She develops an interest in materials, lines, context, form and translates these tools into wearable aesthetics.

Today, while working as an architect, she designs necklaces with industrial influenced materials, taking it from macro scale to micro scale.

What started as a personal quest for unique jewelry grew into Sternum: a passion for expressing clean aesthetics trough minimal, yet powerful jewelry.